I'm Devan Janick!

Hey there, thanks for stoping by. I'm Devan, rookie toddler mom, professional photographer, house cleaner, Tjmaxx shopper, and just about anything else your typical stay at home momma does. I'm married to an amazing man, Justin, who stole my heart 3 and a half years ago (I'll get into more details later). I have a wild little man who will be 2 October 15th, woot woot, terrible two's here we come!


Learn it, live it, love it....that's kinda how it was in my family growing up. I always had a camera in my face, whether it was my aunts, mom, or basically anyone and everyone. But hey, it's nice to have pictures too look back on now and I really didn't mind having the camera around all the time...my brother on the other hand, HA, we won't even go there. My mom was a professional photographer too, so I guess you could say it's just in my DNA. I learned a bunch from her and she still critiques mob work now, just from a far. I always said I would do my own thing, but here we are doing the thing that TONS of people in the fam do! I'm the only one though that is full force into it currently. My mom doesn't do photography anymore as a business and everyone else does it for fun. I am extremely grateful for all of the help and support that they have given me.

Being a momma

Brantley Michael Janick ~ 10/15/17 ~ 7lbs 10oz ~ 10:48AM ~

Being a momma is the most amazing thing ever ! Pregnancy wasn't too bad for me. I actually rally enjoyed it, well, until the end when I just wanted him out. Branley came a week and a half early, which I am extremely grateful for because this momma was over it at 38 1/2 weeks! He was perfect! VERY VERY VERY hairy just like his momma when she was born HAH. My mom had my sister when I was 13, so I kind of knew the basics when it came to taking care of a newborn baby. Justin on the other hand, he really didn't have the whole taking care of a newborn background, but, let me tell you, he picked it up right away! He was the most amazing newborn baby dad and now is the most amazing toddle dad! Can't wait to see if we will hit the terrible 2's or our sweet boy will skip that phase!

That's enough about me for now. Can't wait to tell y'all about how Justin and I met, in the next post!