My favorite Newborn Finds

So you're having a baby? Congratulations!!! Pregnancy is a very exciting time, but preparing for a newborn can be terrifying. I'm here to help! Below are things that should be at the top of your registry. They are life savers I promise.

  1. Dock-a-tot: Brantley only slept in this and I well let all mothers know this is a must have. Have you ever tried making dinner, showering, painting your nails, etc with a baby in your arms? I promise you it is not the easiest thing! Also you can get covers for it to make it fit your personality. Once your baby grows out of the deluxe you can upgrade to the Grand DockATot, which is amazing when traveling with a toddler!
  2. Owlet: this is single handedly the most amazing baby item just for the reassurance. It is a sock that goes on the infants foot and tracks their heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. The sock connects to your phone and a dock that you can put next to your bedside. If any thing is to drop below normal levels you will be notified immediately. Luckily we never had the alarms go off for Brantley. They also have a monitor camera that connects to your phone which is super convenient.
  3. Nuna Pipa lite: My carseat was my favorite thing to pick out! Brantley was in this until her was 9 months and then we decided to switch to a convertible seat. Buy it in the whole travel system, it will save you a ton of money. I had navy, but it comes in tons of colors.
  4. Nose Frida: This is probably the grossest thing when you first hear about it, but it honestly works wonders. I personally would do anything to make sure my little isn't stuffy and uncomfortable! This is a must have for baby and toddler cold season!

My favorite Toddler Finds

You have officially reached the toddler stage! Congratulations on surviving the infant stage, but honey I'm sorry to say you're just getting started!

  1. Maxi Cosi Convertible Car Seat: To say I love this car seat would be an understatement. It's super easy to switch in and out of cars, it's light, and it comes in a ton of colors! Brantley love it and calls it his racecar seat haha!
  2. Freeze pop covers: Branley is obsessed with freeze pops, but hates how it makes his hands cold. We always used to wrap paper towel around them, but now we have this amazing invention!
  3. Little Tikes Trampoline: If you get this just know your kid will say mom watch 5 million times, but it will keep them occupied for hours!
  4. Wagon: This is Brantley favorite mode of transportation lol. He thinks he so cool when he's getting pulled in this thing. I like the fact that it has a sound cover so there's no direct sunlight!

Well I hope you find these links and items helpful for your up and coming adventures! I can't wait share some exciting things with you all, that are happening over here with the Janick clan! Until then, stay safe and enjoy this fall weather!

xo- Dev