Tucker Maverick

Wow, I can't believe he's already here! That pregnancy flew by for sure. maybe it's a second pregnancy thing or maybe it's just the fact that I was pregnant in a different season, but I feel like it was over before I even had a chance to take it all in. Honestly, I really don't mind being pregnant. I'm lucky enough to have had relatively easy pregnancies, have gone into labor early both times, and had average sized babies with smooth deliveries.

Let me give you a quick little background on my delivery with Brantley on October 15, 2017.

Brantley's delivery was great! He was born at 38 weeks and 5 days. I got an epidural (that part sucked because the anesthesiologist hit a nerve) and felt nothing after that. The doctors and I were talking about what we were going to have for lunch later that day, what our kids were going to be for halloween, and all sorts of small talk, all while I was pushing. HAHA I wish all births could be like that! The postpartum part was very painful because I couldn't feel anything during my labor and pushing. Complete recovery with Brantley was about 12 weeks. (6 weeks more than a normal average recovery)

As for Tucker things were a little different.

May 20, 2020

9:45AM- My 38 week OB appointment. The previous night I was at the hospital with high blood pressure and headaches. (which are symptoms of pre-eclampsia) Luckily all my blood work came back great, but the headaches were going on a week and I was so over it. When I went in to my OB appointment that morning we chatted and decided to set an induction date for May 27th incase I didn't go into labor before then. My doctor new I was uncomfortable from the headaches, but legally can't induce without a medical reason until 39 weeks. At that appointment she decided to try and break my membranes and see if that would help put me into labor. I was already 3cm dilated so we were keeping our fingers crossed that this worked just like it did with Brantley!

I went on with my day and walked as much as possible. I stuck Brantley in his stroller and just did laps around the neighborhood. I wanted that baby out HAHA.

5:45PM- My mother-in-law and I did a quick little walk and I had a couple random contractions, but nothing that really stayed.

8:00PM- As I'm cooking dinner more contractions started! YAYYYYY! I finished up dinner real fast and hoped in the shower. Had to make sure I was nice and clean just incase. (Showers don't exist right after labor so I suggest that you wash your hair right before labor if you have the chance. HAHA My husband said I was crazy and we need to go. Contractions were about 3minutes apart and getting stronger. We called my OB and obviously they told us to come in. The doctors exact words actually were "Girl, you better get here before you have that baby in the parking garage." We then called may sister-in-law to come hang out with Brantley and headed on our way once she got here. (Thank goodness she only lives down the street.)

9:30PM- We made it to the hospital! Walked in with our masks, got our temperatures taken, and I was at the point that they had to wheel me over to labor and delivery. That scared me a bit because Brantley came fast and I really didn't want to have a baby on the hospital floor. We got to labor and deliver checked in and were so ready to have a baby!

11:30PM- They moved us over to the delivery room. With our masks on. All women are supposed to wear their masks through labor. I made it about halfway and said screw that. Thank goodness all my doctors and nurses were super cool and didn't care!

May 21, 2020

12:00AM- I got a a covid test. All mothers have to get a covid test either before they get to the hospital if they have a scheduled delivery date or, like me, when you get to the hospital and are moved to a delivery room. I pray you never have to have that test done. The doctor stuck that thing so far up my nose it went down my throat. Oh, and they have to do both nostrils. Easiest way to give a pregnant woman a blood nose, give her a covid test. We were advised that if my test came back positive then Justin would have to leave the hospital and the baby would be separated from me as soon as he came out. This was my biggest fear ever since the virus started. My test did come back negative, thank goodness.

1:30AM- The doctors broke my water.

2:30AM- I got my epidural. I didn't even feel it being placed this time, it was great, but it also didn't work like it did the first time. That part....not so great. at this point I was around 6cm.

4:30AM- The nurse told me that my contractions were progressing and that they were going to give me Pitocin. Now I didn't have Pitocin with Brantley, but I have heard that it makes your contractions super strong. Up until this point I wasn't in pain with my contracts, but I could definitely feel them.

5:00AM- Pitocin started and I was so not a fan. Heck yeah they make your contractions super strong. This is when the epidural went out the window. I felt everything.

5:30AM- Doctor comes in and says that I'm 9cm. Almost there!!!!

5:34AM- Doctor walks out of the room.

5:36AM- "Get that doctor back in here, I need to push!" My nurse called the nurses station tells them to send the doctor back in ASAP.

5:38AM- Doctor checks I'm 10cm. All the nurses and everyone come in with the trays and tables. All dressed in their face masks, face shields, gowns....thank you covid for making my birth look like they were doing surgery on a contaminated person. (They didn't have my covid results at that point.)

5:39AM- PUSH!!!

5:44AM- Tucker Maverick Janick is here! 3 pushes and he was out! Then he peed all over the doctors and I. LMAO

This birth recover was sooooooo much easier. I had no tearing or anything and felt like I could run miles after I delivered. Now I know how Kate Middleton was able to walk outside and take pictures right after her delivery.

Tucker actually wasn't the original name that we had picked out. Nash was the original name. Justin was over it about a week before delivery so we ended up back at square one. When I was in delivery my amazing nurse Ally, asked us what we were going to name the baby. I explained that we had a name picked out but were kinda bored of it already. So we gave her our list of names and she wrote them on our board in the room. She then went out to the nurses station and got a vote from every single nurse and doctor that was working to help us narrow down our options. Tucker was tied with one other name, but we picked Tucker because it flowed better with Maverick and I really wanted that as his middle name. Turns out Ally's dogs name was Tucker too so I guess it was meant to be! HAHA

The question we keep getting now is, will we try for a girl? The answer.....probably, but not until Tucker is at least Brantley's age.